Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bracks must fix gambling sector

Ellen Whinnett comments on the history of the gambling shambles that has beset the Bracks government, reminding us it is not a problem that has emerged recently.

As previously noted, the extension of the Tattersalls license features large, and the potential legal action originating from Intralot for due process failure is also noted. An extended corporate law case, bringing sensitive documents into the public domain will be avoided at all costs by the Bracks government. Even if this means dealing Intralot in for a larger percentage than previously assumed.

A second action of note has been brought by a director of Tattersalls, Julien Playoust, who is claiming that former trustees (and now shareholders) who helped package the company for its float should be due a share of $35 million. There are damaging revelations emerging from this case, such as the lunch Steve Bracks had with David White, a former ALP health minister and consultant for Tattersalls through Hawker-Britton. Indeed, he apparently informed a meeting of Tatts representatives that the wheels of government could be greased in their favour.

This is above and beyond the issue of poker machine operations, separate from the lotteries monopoly discussed above, yet also involving Tattersalls, with Tabcorp joining in a cosy duopoly. Obviously involving other companies erodes profits, so the Tabcorp lobbyists will no doubt be working overtime to see things stay the way they are.

An Upper House enquiry would be a good starting point so that the entire process can be reviewed.

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