Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Jackpot= Bracks mishandles gaming tender

In this festive season, Bracks blunders may sneak under the radar of most. Not us, we're all eyes and ears.

News reports today confirm that the Victorian Lotteries licence granted to Tattersall's (operating games such as Tattslotto, Powerball and Oz Lotto) has been extended for a further year, following a botched review process, and the arrival on the scene of Intralot. This will represent an additional $1.2billion ($1,200,000,000) of income to the shareholders and trustees of "the man in the hat"from Victorian gamblers.

This is the second time that the Premier has asked the process of opening up the lotteries sector to competition. The committte appointed to review the who should be granted licences after the expiry of the Tattersall's one was given extra time to make a decision after "undisclosed probity concerns" emerged.

To compensate for the inconvenience, and the embarassment of a legal challenge into the license granting process, Bracks has apparently offered to give the Intralot a share of the state's gaming market, as well as allowing it to expand into Coles and Safeway supermarkets.

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