Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A transport review post-election?

Announced today is an investigation into Transport Infrastructure to be headed by Sir Rod Eddington (former BA CEO), so that the Bracks government can find the "correct mix" of public transport, acknowledging long term planning is needed for public transport.
In that case, why was this not a central part of election policy, and indeed, why has this report been started so late, when much of the development in the outer reaches of Melbourne, has already occurred?



At 5:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surprise surprise well not really. The Brack’s government has no intention of building any new roads to ease congestion. They lied about the Dingly bypass and lied about Scorsby. So how to they plan to fix the problem then. I suggest we are going to be hit by a new road tax which they will try and sell as being the answer to there being asleep at the wheel for the last two terms.

For these that don’t know Sir Rod Eddington is the father of the London conjestion tax where it costs eight pounds (AU $19.25) per day to enter the CBD. / and nothing against Mr. Eddington but we really don’t need more tax and to make this state even less competitive than it is now.

Add the following to the mix also the Melbourne city council has a lot of Green’s councilors and now that the Green’s also have some power in the upper house motorists in this state are lightly to be right royally screwed while paying more for water and electricity soon too. With luck it might rain and reduce the chance of having to drink treated sewerage however.

Signed: Feed Up


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