Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Goldfields waterlink just a Bracks pipe-dream

The Country News reports that Steve Bracks is attempting to blame Canberra for his own mistakes in water infrastructure, demanding the Commonwealth pay out on its project, which links the water supplies of Ballarat and Bendigo, as soon as possible. Malcolm Turnbull is not having a bar of it, explaining that financial documents detailing the projects have not yet been lodged.

"Mr Bracks should reserve the sharp edge of his tongue for his own bureaucrats and get them to hurry up," Mr Turnbull said. "Victoria is dragging the chain. "The delay makes me wonder whether they have committed to this project without any detailed financial analysis at all."

Turnbull also explored the options that exist for Victoria, and each of the other States and Territories have in respect to future water planning:

  • build more dams
  • buy water from Goulburn/Murray irrigators
  • build desalination plants
  • recycle more water.

A belated Merry Christmas to our readers.

UPDATE The Sydney Morning Herald also has the story here, although with less colourful quoting.

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