Thursday, June 29, 2006

Brack's Priorities: Protecting Fruit Bats?

Do fruit bats really deserve to be a State Government priority? At a time when violent crime is on the increase [See Border Mail: Violent crime on rise] and links between senior police officers and underworld figures are rumoured [See The Age: Police officer defends his property links] you would think that Bracks could find something better for the State government to do than prosecute silly teenage boys for endangering fruit bats [See The Australian: Teens reprieved over 'bat gun'; The Daily Telegraph: Bats no match for fruit bazooka].

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Citizen Brackswatch

Team Brackswatch made a trip into the Lion's den on Sunday, visiting the State Parliament as part of its open day, coinciding with the 150 Years Celebration. Arriving promptly at 11am, we found an orderly queue of the electorate waiting for their chance to enter. Having cleared the very light security detachment, and the annoying VEC fellow who tried a little too hard to explain the new upper house boundaries,
To the green house, where we sat in the seats of do-nothing backbenchers like George Seitz "is mine for life", we did run into Judy Maddigan in the corridors, looking very proud.
Brackswatch was very suprised at the size of the ministerial offices, as Tim Holding and Co have little room to swing half, let a full cat, aroudn their workplace. Afternoon drinks at the Imperial Hotel followed.

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After a brief soccer related hiatus, where rankings moved in opposite directions to Australia's form, Brackswatch returns with a series of gaffes, reminicent of the Ernie Eels Incident.

One was confusing Bert Newton, a doyen of television, for some guy called Bob Newton, possibly confusing him for same Bob in Chesire, who is a police desk supervisor.

The other was confusing Socceroos Superstar Harry Kewell, for his on field persona, Harry Cool, although Cool did lose it when he launched a verbal barrage at official Markus Merk.

Finally, too busy spruiking the Victorian in Geoff Ogilvy rather than his extrordinary performance at the US Open, he called him Peter.

Would Steve Remember Your Name?

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

100 Post Mark:Brackswatch Continues

This marks the 100th post since the inception of Brackswatch quite some time ago, the fifth of March last year. Rest assured that we will continue to keep Steve accountable for his mistakes and spin, which is only going to get worse as we approach November 25th.

In other news, we have been informed that our Wikipedian friends have removed the link from Steve Bracks' page to here. I wasn't even aware that we were linked in the first place.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bracks Anointed Syrian Conspiracy Theorist, Informer, Polygamist For Legislative Council

The Herald Sun revealed today that Khalil Eideh, an ALP candidate for a safe upper house seat, is a Syrian informer (that's a polite word for spy), conspiracy theorist (he informs his government of the "Zionist" threats in Australia), and polygamist (he has a second wife in Syria). [See Herald Sun: Labor man admits support for tyrant].

[More at The Other Cheek]

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bracks counts eggs before they hatch: Snowy Sale Off

Steve Bracks has found a black hole in his budget following the scrapping of the Snowy Hydro sale. Relying on the sale as a certainty was a mistake, as there are no guarantees in privatisations. The Age advises Victorian to not believe the claims of the Bracks Government, that it will be business as usual. Promised funding to schools (to the tune of $600 million) will not eventuate in the time given.
More from The Daily Telegraph, The Advertiser and the Herald Sun.

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