Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Citizen Brackswatch

Team Brackswatch made a trip into the Lion's den on Sunday, visiting the State Parliament as part of its open day, coinciding with the 150 Years Celebration. Arriving promptly at 11am, we found an orderly queue of the electorate waiting for their chance to enter. Having cleared the very light security detachment, and the annoying VEC fellow who tried a little too hard to explain the new upper house boundaries,
To the green house, where we sat in the seats of do-nothing backbenchers like George Seitz "is mine for life", we did run into Judy Maddigan in the corridors, looking very proud.
Brackswatch was very suprised at the size of the ministerial offices, as Tim Holding and Co have little room to swing half, let a full cat, aroudn their workplace. Afternoon drinks at the Imperial Hotel followed.

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