Saturday, May 21, 2005

Decoding The Brackspeak


Open and accountable Government is part of my government's commitment to the people of Victoria.

We are open all of six days a month during the Spring Session and are happy to make our predecessor Jeff Kennett or maybe even one of our junior Ministers like Andre Haemayer accountable for our mistakes.

One way we are delivering on this commitment is through the provision of first class online information and services.

We believe the best way forward for Victoria is a Government that consults, listens and works together with all Victorians,

As long as they are one of the 14,000 members of the Victorian ALP AND part of our Labor Right faction. In fact, if you are one of our mates, you can have a consulting contract!

while providing leadership and decisive action.

In disappearing to Europe while our faction eliminates it's enemies and then turns on itself.

My Government has a comprehensive agenda for the next four years to deliver good Government on behalf of all Victorians

As long as they are part of the aforementioned grouping of factionally aligned persons who can do us a favour in return for our delivering "good Government" for them.

Our priorities are education, health and community safety

But only during the 14 day ego trip we like to call the Commonwealth Games.

It is unreasonable to expect these luxuries like on an ongoing basis, particularly when we are putting our foreign buddies up in luxury hotels so they can tell us how good we are during the Commonwealth Games. Wastin taxpayer money is a hard enough job as it is, asking us to provide services as well is just outrageous!

and we will deliver better services for all Victorians within our commitment to sound financial management.

By forcing local councils to help fund our Commonwealth Games and shutting down old people's homes and small businesses with land tax increases.

The Government is focused on its job. It will continue to invest in communities across Victoria – improving the delivery of government services to all Victorians, and continuing to grow the whole of the State.

We won't mention that under our government Victoria's unemployment rate has gone from one of the lowest in the nation to the highest.

This website provides you with a forum to give us your views on issues that are important to you and your community.

By letting you to fill in this webform we hope you will not write a potentially embarassing letter to the Herald Sun or The Age.

I encourage you to have your say and contribute to the future of Victoria.

Because I'm definitely not going to contribute to the future of anyone or anything other than Steve Bracks and the Labor Right.

Steve Bracks

At least until they realise how little good I have done and boot me out.

- Steve

(Steve's Welcome Message taken from his website.


At 5:26 PM, Blogger Leo said...

"One way we are delivering on this commitment is through the provision of first class online information and services".

Did Prim and Pretty Steve say the above, for why then is he gutting the State Library of Victoria's ISP, which was set up, to help communities to gain access to the Internet, I see the Hungarian Community, after being promised support by the Minister, were refused Funding after putting a great many hours into development of a program.

At 12:53 AM, Blogger JP said...

Well I guess they were probably promised the funding just before an important photo shoot with the Premier, or an important media debate where he needed their support, or an election where he needed their votes, or a fundraiser where he needed them to give generously. And I guess that they gave him whatever he wanted, and he figured there was no need to follow through on his end of the bargain . . .

I don't know the real story here, if anyone does, please send me an email.

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

there seems to be a lot of hatred/dislike at Steve Bracks here. Which is unusual for whatever his faults he is not a sinister individual. In any case you should have lots of time to practice your invective and spin as I think Bracks will be in until, um, about 2020. good luck.


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