Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bracks Commonwealth Games Hysteria

If government exists to serve the people then government instigated major events like the Commonwealth Games should only be promoted as long as they work to benefit the people. In the past, there have been governments of all colours which have been blinded by the glitz of major events and large scale building projects, to the detriment of the people they were supposed to be serving.

The Bracks government has fallen into the same trap. A reader has written to alert us to the Bracks government plan to shut down all competing sporting events on Crown land during the Commonwealth Games, even local cricket:

Here's a story for you. With the wonderful Commonwealth games coming next year the State Gov wants to shut down ALL sport in the month of March. I'm the Secretary of a Cricket Club and were were discussing it at our last association meeting.

Cricket season usually goes all the way to the last weekend in March, yet they want to ban it, as well as netball, basketball and all other sports that are played on crown land. So we can all go and watch some exciting water polo.

Recent articles also highlighted that real Victorians will be locked out of Commonwealth Games venues for six weeks to allow for set up (most private sector events manage to do set up for major events in less than one week) and that a small business running balloon flights over Melbourne is being forced to get new (blank) balloons or shut down for the Commonwealth Games period as a result of strict anti-ambush advertising laws.


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