Monday, May 02, 2005

April - It Just Wasn't Bracks' Month

Bomber at Fight Fire With Fire has given a summary of the recent string of bad news for the Bracks Government:

We can sense the political winds shifting very quickly. There is a clear and palpable feeling in the air that the Bracks Labor government is on the nose. The fast train that is not so fast has been well documented by Andrew Bolt. Branch stacking accusations continue to fly as Labor try to divide the spoils amongst their mates rather than govern for all Victorians. Now some of Bracks' minnions are fleeing the sinking ship. Meanwhile, mounting public outrage over lenient sentencing has been highlighted again this week with this shocking decision. Our continued sympathy goes out to the Donnelly family who simply don't deserve more anguish after the pain they have been through. - Fight Fire With Fire


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