Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bracks Flees The Bad Vibes As Factional Hacks Run Amuck

With Bracks overseas getting his photo taken with school kids, where his image can't be hurt, the factional machine has gone into over drive.

Vandalism gives us an insight into the way the factions work. Who else would paint "RAT" across the front of her office, the Liberals and Nationals, who suddenly love her? The people of rural and regional Victoria, who are bouyed to know she really does care about them? Or one of the members of the reportedly only two ALP branches in Ballarat who risk losing some of their power if Dianne Hadden wins re-election as an Independent? Yet no one can prove it, and so the intimidation goes on, with ALP Legislative Council President Monica Gould gagging her, so she can only speak once every four weeks.

Within the ALP, an attempt is on to ignore and silence real members while Steve is out of town and doesn't have to cop the flak for it. Whereas the Victorian division of the Liberal Party has close to 20,000 grass roots members, recent divisions in the ALP reveal that possibly half the 14,500 Victorian ALP members are stacks, i.e. there are at least twice as many Victorians in the Liberal Party than the ALP.

ALP State Secretary Eric Locke, who represents the broad majority of real ALP members, has been forced to resign, leaving the ALP in the position of being a left wing party run by factional hacks who are neither left nor right, but merely self-interested and self-glorifying. As Eric Locke and Kimberley Kitching have learnt, you never win when you get into bed with the amoral, self-interested politicians of the Labor Right.


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