Thursday, April 28, 2005

Victoria Under Bracks: Factionalism, Corruption, & Violence

Banyule Council is a perfect example of what has happened all over Victoria under the Bracks government, as councils' have become the play things of the ALP factions and State MPs.


Banyule Council is divided, not between the ALP Left and Right factions, but between two micro factions within the Bracks' ALP Right. The councillor's are fighting it out in farcical circumstances with anonymous "dirt sheets" being posted about each other, some revealing very serious allegations previously kept as factional secrets.


Claims have been forwarded to the Victorian Police about a councillor receiving bribes and favours in return for planning approvals and council contracts.


However, now that the allegations have gone public, the source, Councillor Dale Peters, denies knowledge. It would appear that the councillor's are out to silence Bill Forwood and the truth, with his office broken into and a laptop computer containing work files for the past several years stolen.

Banyule Council - Just another example of Bracks' Government hard at work making Victoria "The Place To Be" . . . if you are factional, corrupt, violent.


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