Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The River Runs Red, Bracks Takes Falls

After seven years in power, Bracks and his environment minister John Thwaites must take responsabilty for failing to clean up the Yarra.

THOUSANDS of E coli organisms are flowing into the Yarra River, pushing the number of bacteria up to 70 times higher than the recommended safe level.

Only one testing site along the river between Millgrove and the city in the latest survey had an average reading below the safe level.

Data released by Melbourne Water this month showed the highest reading in the Yarra was at Warrandyte, with 14,000 E coli organisms per 100ml. The recommended safe level for swimming and other water sports is 200 organisms per 100ml
(From the Townsville Bulletin).

For the recreational users of the Yarra River, the situation is out of control.

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