Friday, July 28, 2006

Bracks' Social Agenda Clear as Mud

This morning's Age confirms what many have suspected: Bracks will not go to an election openly advertising his social policies.

His most clearly defined position regards euthanasia;
"I'm not predisposed to support it." He then goes on to harp on about how health, education, public safety and the environment are the main focuses of policy. Clearly already predisposed to electioneering, and trying to shield his personal view with the comfortable surrounds of his party's achievements.

Next comes abortion, and again, it's a dodgefest. Trying to get an answer out of Steve is difficult.
"Well, I will reserve my judgment on that matter until a matter is brought before the house. I've said in the past that that's a matter that I'll reserve my judgment on."
"Well, people know what the party platform is. If there is a vote in the Parliament, it's obligatory on our party that it's a conscience vote and it'll be determined on the matter not of party policy obliging a vote. If the matter comes up before the Parliament, it'll be an individual vote of each member of Parliament."
"I said I'll reserve my judgment on that and I'll assess that on the evidence at the time."
"Well, our Government will decide that matter depending on whether we are returned at the coming election."

Civil Unions for Homosexuals? Not for Steve, or aren't they?
"Well, it's not part of our policy and we haven't had a policy on that matter."
"Well, it's not a policy that we have a defined policy on."

Finally, Condoms in Prisons?
"We'll examine it very closely. We'll take that matter up in relation to the evidence and examine what the evidence is about diseases which are able to be transmitted being there when someone is put into prison, before they get into prison." [...] That is really a telling matter which we'll need to take some further evidence on."
"We'll make the judgment when it's appropriate, as soon as we receive the objective evidence on that matter."

So much like the other, Labor I might add, State Premiers, Bracks has become a thin cut out standing for little more than the policies his party has already advanced. His personal opinions matter little in the development of policy.
Bracks has become a puppet of the Victorian ALP Machine.



At 11:45 PM, Anonymous SpewingChips said...

Prevarication is always better than making the wrong decision.

Baillieu is going to gives prison rapists condoms, legalise abortions and legalise gay civil unions. Can't imagine many social conservatives in the Liberal Party being wrapped about those policies.

Game On.

At 11:15 PM, Blogger anonymous said...

11.45 is right.

Baillieu has just handed Bracks the election.

At 1:34 AM, Blogger Wylie Hawkeye Wilde said...

Condoms in Prisons? Bracks says- "We'll examine it very closely.

LOL.WTF. Is this idiot planning to do


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