Thursday, May 18, 2006

Transport Wrap

Cities cannot survive on promises
If wishes were horses, then beggars could ride. Since the Bracks Government was elected in 1999, Victorians have been presented with lots of transport plans to improve the liveability of Melbourne through promises to improve the public transport system.
The plans aren't a serious attempt to confront Melbourne's transport problem. They are wishlists designed to present an impression that the Government is seriously tackling the issue.
After seven years, the voter is entitled to look to the Government's record rather than take on trust its promises for the future.

For the most part, the transport plan seems to be fairy floss wrapped around the decision to funnel more traffic onto CityLink via the proposal to spend a billion dollars on the Monash-West Gate corridor.

Stance on new roads takes a toll
No government wants to announce new tolls just six months out from an election. But Premier Steve Bracks' decision to stay away from tolls means that no significant new road projects are included in his $10.5 billion transport blueprint. Tolls could build many desperately needed roads, such as a tunnel between CityLink and the Eastern Freeway and the Frankston bypass, and finish the Ring Road from Greensborough to Ringwood.

But the Bracks Government was determined that no new tolls would be announced.

Integrated transport system will solve all?
During the next 25 years, growth will continue, with the state's population expected to increase by 1.2 million people, with more than one in four of those new Victorians settling in provincial Victoria.This growth is placing a severe strain on the transport system, creating severe road congestion and stretching peak-hour public transport to the limit. Saddled with an outdated public transport system designed to take people only from A-to-B (the suburbs to the city) rather than A-to-Z (the suburbs and the regions to anywhere and everywhere), the majority of working families have been now forced to use a second car. This stretches family budgets and congests arterial roads across the state.

All aboard for a $10 billion ride
VICTORIAN drivers are being encouraged to give up their cars, with the Bracks Government pouring billions of dollars into public transport ahead of desperately needed new roads.
The $10.5 billion transport blueprint unveiled yesterday is skewed firmly towards public transport, with two-thirds of the money earmarked for hundreds of new buses, trains, trams and rail upgrades. Just one-third of the money will go on road projects, with the widening of the Monash and West Gate freeways the main relief for frustrated motorists.
There will be no new roads, bridges or tunnels.

RACV tips rocky road
RACV general manager of public policy Dr Ken Ogden said there was much missing for roads.
"While there is a lot to like in the statement, we are very disappointed there was no commitment to the completion of the ring road between Greensborough and the Eastern Freeway, nor the Frankston bypass," Mr Ogden said.

"These are critical projects, and it is inconceivable that a 20-year strategy has not recognised their importance. "The proposal for a reversible lane on the West Gate Bridge is only a short-term solution; and meanwhile nothing is proposed to solve the mess at the inner end of the Eastern Freeway."

The Public Transport Users' Association said that despite an extension of bus services, many Melburnians would still be in transport black holes.
'This statement is just the latest of a continuing saga of plans that have simply been regurgitated to provide endless re-announcements with very few tangible improvements," spokesman Alex Makin said.



At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why Why Why have these idiots not got rid of the stupid transport zone system. Seaford rail station has a huge car park but poor Carrum station with little parking gets saturated with parked cars. People drive one stop to avoid paying zone 3 for one stations travel.

Roll on november if where lucky this lot will be booted out.

At 1:07 PM, Blogger weekbyweek said...

Peter Batchelor should resign!

At 9:08 PM, Blogger daniel said...

Bracks Labor MLAs all the way through the north-eastern suburbs have ignored their contituencies' need for better rail lines: for duplication of the Hurstbridge line to Eltham, for extension of the Epping line to Mernda, and for better parking and bus connections too. Danielle Green, Steve Herbert, Sheryl Garbutt and Craig Langdon have done nothing substantial for better transport in the north-east.

At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the The Chelsea Independent 30 may 06

What a joke

Labor's transport 'farce' didn't fool says Shelley

THE launch of Labor's Transport and Liveability Statement was a complete farce, according to the Liberal candidate for Carrum, Jeff Shelley.

In a stunt purely for the TV cameras, Labor MP Jenny Lindell appeared to get off the train at Frankston Station with Premier Bracks, Treasurer Brumby and Transport Minister Peter Batchelor from a train that had departed from Spring St, Mr Shelley said.

"Yet only minutes before, Jenny Lindell with Bl, B2 and B3 (Bracks, Brumby and Batchelor) boarded the train at Seaford just to make a grand entrance at Frankston Station.

"It's outrageous - obviously the Bracks Government doesn't even trust its own public transport system to get to its own press conference on time," Mr Shelley said.

"After the press conference, when all the cameras had gone, they got back into their ministeĀ­rial cars and drove back to their ivory tower in Spring St.

"While Steve Bracks is encouraging us to give up our cars and catch public transport, even he knew his ministerial car was more reliable to get him to Frankston and then back."

Mr Shelley said it was no wonder Labor chose their cars, as Connex's latest figures showed that during April almost one in 10 trains on the Frankston line were more than six minutes late, while there was a massive 18 cancellations.

"Even the images of the MPs purchasing tickets were a stunt - as all MPs are given free public transport. I wonder if they bought the correct ticket," Mr Shelley said.

"This media stunt is typical of the Bracks Government - all style, spin and all for the TV cameras.

"If the Bracks Government wasn't so obsessed with spin, PR and media coverage it would get on with fixing real services such as our crumbling public transport system."

Mr Shelley said Labor's transport plan failed to provide Carrum with any new bus services and just two new train services over the next two years.

uIn five years time, Carrum residents will still be waiting for late trains, have inadequate bus services and be stuck in their cars in traffic jams," he said.

Jeff Shelley, can be contacted on 0402 183 122.

At 2:59 AM, Blogger Alex Makin said...

Peter Batchelor has had over six years to create and begin to implement a vision for Melbourne's public transport system - instead we find the Minister avoiding responsibility and creating half-baked plans that have no vision or no substance.

Peter Batchelor has chosen to ignore the outer suburbs and chosen to ignore the pressures created through rising petrol prices and worsening traffic congestion.

To summise, the Minister spent most of his time avoiding the difficult question.

It is because of Peter Batchelor that Melbourne 2030 is looking increasingly flawed. It is because of Peter Batchelor that bus services are abysmal and train and tram services are often late and unreliable.

Within Ringwood we are still waiting for the funds required to redevelop Ringwood Station in-line with Ringwood becoming a 'transit city'. These funds were available in 1999 but the project has continually stalled under Steve Bracks.

It is clear that Peter Batchelor cannot handle the Transport Portfolio and is condemning all of Melbourne to mediocrity.

Alex Makin


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