Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bracks' Robbery Of The Poor

Northcote Knob and The Age draw attention to Steve's broken promise to act to reduce the toll of problem gambling in Victoria. The Age is editorialising about it, and now Bracks' own grass roots, people like Northcote Knob, are getting angry about it. Rolling in GST revenue and property boom windfalls, you would think Bracks could afford to cut the addiction of the State government to problem gambling. However, beholden to the branchstackers who got him elected, Steve can't dare to take on powerful interests like the gambling lobby.

The locals may not have cafes, bookshops, or quirky little bakeries, but there on display was the heartbeat of Summerfield, the wellspring of joy the government run by my fucking party provides to the poorest, the most downtrodden of its masses.

A huge, carpeted, welcoming dirty poor-taxing pokie venue, sucking profits out of the most god-forsaken people in Melbourne.

Just after 10 in the morning!

No person who supports the ongoing state of the pokie industry in Victoria is fit to call themselves a Labor party member. Andrew Bolt has a higher moral stance on this issue than the government I'm working to keep in power. And that makes me sick.

It is akin to peddling heroin, and arguably just as destructive. And it is difficult to see how anybody from any of Labor's disparate limbs, from hard-headed tradesmen to socialists to inner-city Traminer Trots, could find this situation anything other than repulsive.

There is no left wing argument for the retention of pokies.

Go Bolt, go the Age, do whatever needs to be done.
- Northcote Knob


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