Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bracks Losing Supporters Left, Right & Centre

Going into an election, you generally have three kinds of voters: those who will definitely vote for you (the rusted on), those who might vote for you (the marginals), and those who will never vote for you (the enemy).

While we all know that Bracks' big lie is costing him marginal votes in the outer east, less well known is the alienation of many 'rusted on' ALP supporters as a result of the mounting stench of factionalism and bad government emanating from the Bracks government.

I heard Steve Bracks on the radio the other day and all he did for me is re-enforce my disappointment in the Victorian Labor government. Back in 1999, I was extremely glad when his party and him were surprisingly elected.

They just put out more and more spin and try to avoid being bagged on talkback radio. His stances on the teacher who has been banned from teaching is just plain lazy. All this government cares about nowdays is not losing the next state election. Well, they have lost my vote and I would often have been considered a rusted on voter.
- My 2.2 Cents (GST Inc.)

In further evidence of Bracks' isolation within the ALP, Lindsay Tanner, a noted left wing Federal MP, began an attack on the Bracks' governments management of the case of the teacher in Orbost, trying to deflect the blame from the ALP to the Liberal State Opposition, who with their enormous number of seats in Parliament obviously bullied Bracks into a corner over the issue.


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