Sunday, March 13, 2005

Gutless Bracks Lets The Heavies Do The Hard Work

As pointed out earlier, Bracks doesn't have the guts to drop poor performers. Unable to make the hard calls himself, Bracks seems to be leaving the dirty work to the actions of faceless branch stackers. The Age reports:

The Victorian ALP has split over branch stacking, with state Labor president Brian Daley yesterday accusing the ruling administrative committee of refusing to take action to stamp out "corrupt and illegal practices".

In an email to local branch secretaries, obtained by The Age, Mr Daley said he was gravely concerned that the administrative committee - which is dominated by the right-wing faction of Premier Steve Bracks - was refusing to "comply with their responsibilities as set out in the rules of the Victorian branch" . . .
- Labor Split Over Action On Stackers

Ms Kirner accused factional warlords of creating "power fiefdoms" to undermine sitting MPs in the lead-up to preselections, naming Arts Minister Mary Delahunty and Geelong upper house MP Elaine Carbines as two sitting MPs believed to be targeted. - More Than Half of State Labor Members 'Bogus'

Unwilling to take the hard calls himself, Bracks show his utter inability to associate himself with bad news. Get promoted to Cabinet, and Bracks will be there with a big smile and handshake for the cameras. Don't perform, and Bracks will turn a blind eye as the heavies do you over and he denies any knowledge of the act.

Notice how in this March 6 Age article a faceless ALP State MP, Telmo Languiller, is accused of funding branch stacks - and Bracks doesn't even get a mention. This is Bracks ideal - that the heavies without name recognition do his dirty work while he gets to hobnob with European royalty.


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