Friday, June 24, 2005

Would the last corporation leaving Melbourne please turn out the lights?

Formerly the major corporate hub of Australia, Melbourne is shutting down to die. So why are the multinationals leaving in droves to Sydney and Brisbane one must ask? Reliable sources reflect first Kennett now Bracks are behind this mass exodus.

Recent weeks a major Victorian effort was denied with Adelaide picking up the destroyer contract, Telstra’s new CEO Sol Trujillo has elected to operate and live in Sydney while whisper has it that with corporate money moving from Melbourne, Grand Prix organisers are feeling shaky ground and may do the same.

With only three of Australia's leading 15 listed companies, BHP Billiton, National and ANZ Banks left to be run out of Melbourne, surely this must alert all Victorian’s. Problem Bracks needs to be eradicated from government denying him further development to the demise of Victoria.

Before you poverty stricken refugees clog highways from Victoria, electors claiming never voting for Bracks have one last chance to substantiate their claim in 2006.

Brackswatch would like to thank Malcolm Davies for submitting this post.


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