Monday, May 30, 2005

Bracks Tries To Shake "Do Nothing" Tag By Calling On Howard To Do Something

As we made clear recently Bracks has coasted through one of the biggest economic expansions in living memory barely making an impact at all on Victorian unemployment or growth.

The other states, all but NSW which have seen managed to significantly improve their position during the economic boom of the past five years, are now aghast that Bracks would dare call for a "national kick-start" which is not much more than another whinge for the Commonwealth to take responsibility for Bracks' problems.

A fawning opinion piece is declaring that Bracks has "come of age" by stepping up as "a national policy leader." Yet this ignores the glaring fact, that Bracks has been elected as a State policy leader, and there, he can't escape the reality of his do no good government which has wound up Victorians in even more red tape, attacked their freedom of speech and religious expression, destroyed their property rights and barely reduced unemployment throughout five and a half years of economic boom times.

Bracks cannot escape his "do nothing" tag by calling on John Howard to do even more of the work for him. Eventually, the people of Victoria are seeing his government for what it is and will vote him out when they get the chance.


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