Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bracks' Games: Stealing Police From The Country To Look After The Rich & Famous

The Bracks' government's Commonwealth Games ego trip will see six country towns left without police cars during the Games. Police cars and equipment are being co-opted from across country Victoria to ensure that Bracks' Games go off without any high profile embarassments [See Weekly Times: Siren sounds on seconded police cars].

No one denies that it is important to protect the Commonwealth Games from potential terrorist attacks. However the Bracks' method of doing this, stealing Police from country Victorians to look after the celebrity athletes and guests in central Melbourne, highlights the priorities of this government: athletes, celebrities and events who star front and centre on TV are worth more to this government than the safety of ordinary voters' families, and the security of their homes and businesses.

Victoria Police claim that it will be business as normal in country Victoria [See ABC Gippsland: Police says Games won't affect normal policing], the Police Association, and the facts, suggest otherwise. If a country town is left without a police car, police are limited to investigating those crimes and responding to those incidents which are within walking distance. While this might be suitable in Jolimont or Parkville (ironically enough, the very places where these towns' police cars will be!), it is manifestly unsuitable in country areas where police in these towns are responsible for policing areas covering hundreds of square kilometres.


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