Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vintage Bracks: Heineken Classic 2003

It's just over three years ago that Ernie Els edged out Nick Faldo and Peter Lonard to win the Heineken Classic in early February 2003. I remember vividly what followed, as I was a volunteer that year with an access all areas pass.

When the presentation area was set up on the 18th green of the composite course, Steve Bracks gave a short speech and presented the trophy to "Ernie Eels" (sic). I heard it and thought something was odd, and even the Big Easy thought Bracks had scuffed his lines. It's really not hard to remember the name of the major drawcard; three letters. I automatically suspected he'd spent too much time in the Victorian Government marquee indulging in the sponsor's product. He claimed a technical problem:

"I can simply say that actually the microphone was echoing and obviously playing back in my ear and that was probably the cause of some of the reverberation and the comments."

However public opinion, in the form of a 3AW poll, found against Bracks. Only 4% of callers deemed him sober.


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